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Atelier JMCA

Atelier JMCA is a multidisciplinary creative studio, created in 2011 by Angélique Maillard and Julien Cottier. This partnership became real after a few years working together at the Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris, from 2006 to 2010. Their different academic backgrounds and experiences bring them a true complementarity and a shared goal. Their work focuses on a sensitive and contextual approach of each project, as much as a good insight on function and materials. The Atelier develops and experiences spatial issues of different scales. From architecture to global design and scenography, we value experimental practice as much as achieving a project. Each request brings along a new working process, a handmade and experimental approach of the case. We test, make prototypes, explore...from global shapes to technical mounting details. Function and materials are at the very heart of how we consider each of our projects.Throughout the years, the Atelier tried to develop design and architecture on this particular basis: design – production. Since 2015, JMCA Atelier moved in a co-working office which combines a carpentry workshop and a production studio. This creative place gets digitally controlled tools, milling and laser cutting machines, 3D printers... It allows our team to develop a real handmade expertise, with a computer-like precision. These tools give us the opportunity to make each project come true, from study to production. They bring us infinite possibilities of adjustment and custom-made production. Atelier JMCA - 78 rue Compans 75019 PARIS contact: Angélique MAILLARD: +33 (0)6 89 12 00 15 Julien COTTIER: +33 (0)6 07 26 57 16 Atelier JMCA's website:
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