Atelier Ten

Atelier Ten

Consultants from 19 Perseverance Works, 38 Kingsland Road London, London, United Kingdom
As building services engineers and environmental design consultants we are committed to the design and delivery of high performance
building services systems and sustainable building design. As a practice, we have a history of innovation and are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking. Our approach seeks to unlock the hidden value in projects. We believe that sustainable design is greater than the sum of its parts.

We have been leading the transformation toward a more sustainable built environment for the past twenty years. We are not confined by scale or location and readily transfer our experience and learning across projects. Our method combines qualitative and quantitative thinking and we aim to deliver sustainable design solutions based on environmental integrity, economic viability, cultural sensitivity and social well-being.

Drawing on our interdisciplinary background, we have built an extensive knowledge base of green building design principles, strategies and analytical tools to advocate for creative, practical, and pragmatic design solutions. Our services are designed to work together so we can analyse all aspects of design that affect environmental performance.

By recognizing and analyzing opportunities for improving energy efficiency, water conservation, visual and thermal comfort, material selection, and carbon emissions reductions, we provide integrated, full-service engineering and consulting on environmental design, building systems performance analysis, commercial fit-out and refurbishment, lighting and day lighting design, fire engineering, bench marking, environmental master-planning, strategic sustainability planning, MEP asset management and inter-related services. As the legislative mechanisms and development guidelines driving a sustainable future continue to grow, developers and landowners are
increasingly required to incorporate ‘green’ elements within their projects. In acknowledging the increase in cost pressures, our environmental ethos is not an additive one; rather we strive to make buildings do more with less by working from basic principles and employing rigorous analysis to arrive at commercial solutions.

Our core objective is to meet the needs of our clients by developing well-integrated buildings with simple systems that work with natural laws of physics to increase comfort, reduce energy consumption and contribute back to the greater environment. Our success is built on the expert delivery of innovative and sustainable engineering solutions.