ATP architects engineers
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ATP architects engineers

ATP architects engineers

Architects from Heiliggeiststraße 16 , Innsbruck, Austria
ATP architects engineers is Europe’s leading integrated design company and has a team of around 750 employees. With a headquarters in Innsbruck (AT) and the support of its own research and consulting subsidiaries, ATP carries out design work at ten European offices located across the DACH and CEE Regions.

Core Competence
With 40 years’ experience of interdisciplinary planning ATP is the market leader in the Integrated Design (ID) of lifecycle-oriented buildings. This culture of cooperation requires an efficient organization and clear rules. This process of integrated design at ATP has been ISO certified.
The “Design Process Leader” – who has overall responsibility for a project and is a single point of contact for the client – leads an interdisciplinary ATP team of architects, structural and building services engineers and site supervisors from the initial idea through the entire design and construction process to the handover to the facility management. In this process the team makes full use of the synergy potential of interdisciplinary knowledge while avoiding the information deficits of the traditional consecutive planning process.

ATP has a user-oriented approach. Prior to the detailed design process ATP’s consulting companies support potential clients in such sectors as food, health, housing and tourism to evaluate how a potential building project could best support their core processes.
Only after the client’s corporate vision has been transformed into a realizable project strategy is the detailed brief defined on the basis of documented strategic and feasibility planning. This is followed by either the preparation of a planning competition or the direct commissioning of ATP to deliver lifecycle-oriented, BIM-supported integrated design processes which are geared towards a sustainable use period.

Innovation Leader in the DACH Region with BIM (Building Information Modeling)
The global trend towards digitalization is transforming the construction sector in a way that is also strongly changing the design process. Due to its cooperative design culture, ATP is ideally positioned to make full use of the advantages of BIM.
The BIM standard which has been developed by ATP over many years was incorporated into the Austrian BIM Norm (ÖNORM A 6241) which came into effect in 2015 and is shared with all market participants via the knowledge platform BIM Pedia. BIM has been used throughout ATP since 2012. The virtual data model of every building is transformed into a “digital twin” that is handed over “as built” to the facility management upon completion.

Design, Research, Sustainability
The output from ATP’s D&R Studios and the research company ATP sustain ensure that the latest systemic and technological developments are incorporated into the design process. ATP is also intensely involved in scientific research in the area of integrated design through its cooperation with Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).
ATP is a founder member of the DGNB e. V. and the ÖGNI and a founder and board member of IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau.

The ATP Partnership (since 1990) enables a large number of employees to share corporate responsibility and participate in corporate success. Partners, Associate Partners and Associates embody ATP’s corporate culture. Members of the partnership are notable for their entrepreneurial and professional skill and their level of interdisciplinary commitment in such areas as the ATP Academy, ATP’s in-house knowledge management system, the empowerment of women and the support of the family life of our employees.
Due to the above-average length of service of this broadly based leadership team (an average of 13 years) ATP is able to retain the knowledge generated by its work, despite its constant growth.
In 2018 ATP has eight partners (shareholders), 33 associate partners and 78 associates. This means that around 15 % of all employees belong to the ATP partnership.

Founded: 1951
Pioneer of integrated design in Continental Europe (since1976)
• Employees: approx. 750

Partners (Shareholders):
• Christoph M. Achammer
• Ulf Bambach
• Gerald Hulka
• Werner Kahr
• Robert Kelca
• Horst Reiner
• Dario Travas
• Matthias Wehrle

10 European integrated design offices:
• Innsbruck
• Vienna
• Munich
• Frankfurt
• Berlin
• Nuremberg
• Zurich
• Zagreb
• Budapest
• Moscow

Research companies:
• ATP sustain
• D&R Studios
• ATP Health

Design sectors:
• Production and logistics
• Retail and entertainment
• Offices and administration
• Health
• Education and research
• Tourism
• Housing
• Multifunctional buildings
• Urban planning

Vienna University of Technology:
Professor Christoph M. Achammer has headed the Department for Industrial Building and Interdisciplinary Planning of the Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Interdisciplinary Building Process

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