Masaya Yoshimura


Architects from 3-6-8, Shirokabe Higashi-ku Nagoya-shi, n/a, Japan
AUAU is the architectural design firm of the select few that Akitoshi UKAI was opened in Nagoya in 2000 .
NAGOYA is located in the center of the Japanese archipelagobetween the TOKYO and OSAKA .
And is expanding its activities in cooperation with partners from architects and TOKYO and OSAKA .
Including design house , shop , office , nursery , facilities for the elderly , such as a doctor's office , Wehave worked extensively installation , workshops , and research activities .

In the design of residential
We collect various elements town , people , history , scenery , smell , and feel with the client, and we adapt to spin them .
We believe that we can not make housing only the convenience and needs the client has.
Based on the hearing of the architect for a client, we find the potential future clients that do not become words. And we strive to be in consideration of the relevance of other elements, we propose the way to live their imagination never occurred the client.
From the collaboration of architect with these clients , we think housing as one of the elements that make up the town of continuous birth, this house is able to participate in the town's history.
The town has been established as a whole as a small house of such individuals come together. We are designing a small house while aware that this.
Also in the design of the nursery and office.Takes to communicate with people who use and owners, we try to design space for human beings to grow.
We propose an office where there is opportunity and places like cafes and housing. We, I think I'll be an opportunity to design body reacts, encouraging communication and concentration, inspired is important.
The design of the nursery, we would like to place a building with an emphasis on creativity and autonomy of children.
Their powers of observation , understanding is about is more than adult . They must feel the color of the first class , form , and sound . We want to let them experience the space exciting to children.

We have also performed installations and workshops being aware of a town as well as architectural design.
We hope to share the situation before making things, and we want to create a place that can be discussed.

Ukai Akiratoshi
I was born in Nagoya in 1967 .
He completed the Osaka University in 1997 , and then studied under architect , to Mr. AzumaTakamitsu famous tower house . I lived in Kyoto , we continue to understand and experience the Japanese culture while learning the tea ceremony in Omotesenke interested in old temples and tea room .
Established a AUAU in 2000 , and then start the design activity .
The prize in SD Review 2005 in the " U HAUS " in 2005 to design a variety of housing .
The Silver Award in the JCD Design Award 2007 in the " Uruwashiki town " installation in 2007 .
It was awarded the 18th Aichi town Architecture Prize 2010 Good Design Award in the "Wear House " In 2010 , the 31st INAX design contest prize , in 2011 .
2012 Good Design Award in the "DEN-EN Office" in 2012 , and was awarded the Central Architecture Prize in 2013 further .
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3-6-8, Shirokabe Higashi-ku Nagoya-shi, n/a, Japan