Avenue Road
Avenue Road

Avenue Road

Architects from Toronto, Canada
Established as a showcase for seductive, sophisticated furniture, AVENUE ROAD has become the premier venue for classic and contemporary furniture designs. Espousing the belief that furniture should tell a story from a distinct point of view, the company offers an exclusive range of furniture, lighting and accessories from around the world. Reflecting the principles of quality, authenticity and style, each piece in the AVENUE ROAD collection is distinguished by its strong craftsmanship and unique design language creating a cohesive and captivating whole in the process.
Born and raised in Munich, AVENUE ROAD president Stephan Weishaupt was exposed to good design at an early age through his parents and grandparents, whose homes were filled with modern and contemporary furniture and art. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Weishaupt worked in various marketing positions for the BMW Group in Germany, the U.S. and Canada. In 2005, he established his own business and communica¬tions consultancy, working with clients in the design and fashion industries in Canada.
In 2007, Weishaupt launched Toronto based AVENUE ROAD with the goal of bridging artistry and design, showcasing unique pieces in an elegant yet accessible setting. In 2012 Weishaupt launched AVENUE ROAD U.S.A. with the opening of its first showroom in New York City.

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