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1985 Civita Castellana. AZZURRA SANITARI IN CERAMICA SPA was established.
Since the beginning, Azzurra SPA has always been one of the strongest manufacturers of bathroom sets which has known how to follow the demands of a continually changing market and how to face the requirements of the consumers with prompt and successful solutions. The existing company structure has been established in 1991 and it is composed by four families.
In 2001 the firm becomes a joint-stock company (S.P.A) thanks to a great trade expansion and with a share capital of 2 millions Euros.
Actually the company includes about 150 workers with a surface of 30.000 square metres and with a production of 300.000 pieces per year which are distributed not only in Italy but all over the world. Our products are exported in Europe, Extra Cee Countries, Russia, Australia and USA towards 35 countries in every continent and especially in Spain, Greece and Rumenia.
The turnover is of 21 millions of Euros, whose 70% realized in Italy and a total growth index of +50% during last 3 years.
The company structure is strong and specialized in all phases of the production process, and it is able to satisfy the market demands with a wide range of products organized in different collections.
Classic and modern lines for all different tastes where highly creative projects conceived as modules find expression to provide infinite possibilities of arrangement and of personalization. Their main and common feature is a feel and sensual “allure” which can exalt the intuition of ceramic material.
The collections represent the correct interpretation according to Azzurra, of the deep changes that have happened in bathroom décor: this is the period where the bathroom is a room that is put into evidence. So, the bathroom is a changed place which gets over the simple rituals of the morning and the evening and becomes a room to live, leaving place to different manners of wellness and relax
Nowadays the bathroom is an environment that can reflect the life styles and can almost reveal the personality of a person .Think to the bathroom with great respect, know it, understand it and define your own trend, is an ambitious route which is supported by a thorough and profound technical experience which is able to transform creativity into products. During these last years the company has invested in research, in technologicalproductive innovation, in collaboration with designers near the inner meaning of the company and able to interpret in the best way the philosophy of Azzurra.
The artistic management of the company has been taken up by Angeletti-Ruzza design, met in 2007, to create a team of professional people for redrawing a coordinate corporate image.
Nowadays Azzurra appears as a many-sided firm whose strength is a ten year long experience in this field but with the desire to look ahead and continue telling its opinion. The company is moderate and original at the same time and it proposes seemingly simple projects able to satisfy all tastes but full of hidden touches to catch the smallest detail.

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