F:L architetti
Daniele Domenicali
F:L architetti

F:L architetti

Architects from Corso Re Umberto, 10, Ivrea, Turin, Italy
flarchitetti has been founded in Turin by Fabrizio Caudana and Luca Gandini in 2002. The diversity of architecture, design and landscape-projects ranges from small scales, including private homes and commercial spaces, to larger scales like urban spaces and competition. The residential, cultural and working-space projects have been broadly published and the practice has been awarded with international prizes, such as the Mosaic Foundation, Washington D.C. in 2006. flarchitects includes in its activities exhibitions mountings and production design.
Our Projects
Our Offices
F:L architetti Turin Headquarters
Corso Re Umberto, 10, Ivrea, Turin, Italy

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