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The Bamberger Natursteinwerk Hermann Graser GmbH is a medium-sized family run company. Founded in 1965, we have since expanded to become one of Ger-many´s premier companies in the natural stone sector.

From our beginnings, we have always had a particular interest in the restoration and reconstruction of historical architectural monuments and in the supply and in-stallation of natural stone façades.

Our range of services is exceptional: We quarry rough blocks in our 21 own quar-ries, run our own planning and construction offices, process stone on our own premises, and are present on-site with our own staff when construction and restau-ration work takes place. We can offer complete solutions from a single source.

Above and beyond that, our enterprise is active in the managing committee and the technical committee of the German Natural Stone Association (Deutscher Natur-werksteinverband, or DNV) and exercises its influence to promote progress, quality standards and norms.

In 1965 our founder Hermann Graser senior used a tax refund of 500 deutschmark to set up his stone masonry business. Since then the Company grew steadily and is now managed by sons and directors Hermann Graser junior and Martin Graser. They are supported comprehensively by the company´s 140 employees.

We operate 21 quarries in Germany, in which we are mining high quality sandstone and granite, and are so able to supply suitable stone for the restoration of historic buildings and the conservation of historic monuments, as well as for sustainable buildings in the form of natural stone façades for modern architecture.

In our plant in Bamberg, we have access to completely up-to-date production facili-ties and can work natural stone with the highest level of precision and quality. Parts that have been pre-milled by machines are completed with time-honoured tradition-al artisan techniques.

For production we can make use of – to name but a few examples – circular block saws, wire saws, bridge saws, calibration, grinding and drilling equipment.

As pioneers in the natural stone sector, we are motivated by the challenge of com-ing ever closer to perfection in the traditional craft of stone masonry and stone carv-ing through the application of fresh thinking and innovation.

For this reason we developed the automated manufacturing of natural stone with robots.

Outstanding references from the last years

• Heidelberg Castle Visitor Centre, architect Max Dudler
• Reconstruction of the Potsdam City Palace, architect Peter Kulka
• Hambach Castle Entrance Building, architect Max Dudler
• Museum Barberini, Potsdam, architect Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht
• Historical Museum Frankfurt, architect Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei
• Reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace, architect Franco Stella
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