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The power of the office lies within in the big diversity of projects: masterplanning, urban design, public-private collaborations, residential, office and public buildings… There’s a high standard ambition for the large-scale and small-scale projects, from the big measure to the small detail, during design process and construction. The overall quality starts with a critical research of the program and the way the architecture speaks to its surroundings and frames itself into the spatial and functional context. By making a masterplan the main strategies and principles from the program are being defined. After deciding on the fases the principles are being transformed into a clever organization within the architecture. Striving for the spatial and architectural quality is a basic design attitude to realize functional, attractive and sustainable projects. Architecten Achtergael has shown through different competitions and assignments to translate difficult design challenges into qualitative urban and architectural project in a short time. The most important projects include the new law courts building in Gent, the youth centre Rabot in Gent (which was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award), the reconversion of the former military hosptals in Oostende and Antwerpen and the new police headquarters in Brugge. Recently the extension of cultuurhuis De Warande in Turnhout, the city administration office in Lier and the underground party hall in Turnhout were finished.
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