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Bernardinello Srl

BBelle is a synonym of craftsmanship and technology The company has combined in a harmonious way, without contradictions, the value of craftsmanship with the precision of state-of-the-art wood processing technologies. BBelle is a Bernardinello brand designed to give a new look and dimension to the company’s deeply rooted craftsmanship and its 40 years of experience, by opening to the needs of a modern and evolving market. Taking advantage of and giving great value to the skills acquired, we have created new collections that retain the excellence of our workmanship unchanged, because they are entirely produced in-house with continuous controls and with the support of state-ofthe art furniture manufacturing technologies. Thanks to the development of innovative techniques we offer solutions that merge refined old fashioned workmanship with the efficiency of structures developed using advanced manufacturing systems, always guaranteeing an impeccable and flawless final product. To manufacture our furniture we only select solid woods and develop high quality finishes. Our knowledge of the raw materials and processing methods allows us to customise each product according to customer’s specific requirements: in this way each piece of furniture that leaves our factory is precious and unique.
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