Betwin Space Design
Betwin Space Design

Betwin Space Design

Architects from seoul, North Korea
Betwin Space Design is Seoul-based interior design practice established by Hwan-Woo Oh and Jung-Gon Kim since 2008. Betwin has developed an interdisciplinary practice specializing in innovative space design projects, consistently seek to push the boundaries of what defines space and explore new ways.

We are interested in the stories of the manifold meanings and uses that intersect within the space through experience. The creative design process is at the centre of everything we do. It starts with immersive experimentations with questions and triggers on the most functional and basic elements such as usage, purpose, user’s intention and spatial movements.

Betwin believes that design is not about making environments but creating experiences. Our work is about creating relationships between people, objects and things through spaces.

Creating stories and experiences :
-between space and people
-between people and object
-between brand and design
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