Architects from Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy
A biro is the minimum equipment for the architect profession, for the genesis of a new project, for a note, for a sketch, for a to-do list.

+ is the awareness of the dimension of the team and its openness to possible future scenarios, commixtures, exchanges and collaborations.

biro+ is an architecture and interior design firm born of the desire of its founders to make the most of their different backgrounds in the service of a common goal: to find reasonable and solid answers to the everyday issues of human living at various scales - from domestic to urban – working with different operators, prom public to private.

The studio's work includes a wide research activity which, together with strong professional skills and a network of external consultants, helps to control the entire design process, from preliminary sketches to completion.

biro+ aims to have an active part in the local growth while strongly believing in an international approach. The studio is based in Bari and Milan and deals with projects both in Italy and in Europe, combining the recognition of local details and an accurate material choice with a keen approach to advanced technologies and international composition languages.
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Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy