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Jean Longpré


BlazysGérard is really about singular and prestigious interior design. Their narrative interiors tell a story that is the product of their unique vision provided by their undeniable talent. They celebrate curiosity and creative talent in all fields. As their strong architectural background helps define and set their innovative interior concepts apart, it is the passion, the knowledge, the forward thinking and their unshakable convictions that really drive them and their team to delivering spectacular timeless spaces. Reflection and knowledge are key players. BlazysGérard is truly committed to designing enriched, signature, and edgy spaces. As their dynamic team composed of professionals thrives to offer flawless execution and impeccable service to their hand selected clients, they invest themselves in an ongoing state of creativity to make sure that every detail is looked after. Nothing is left out, everything is perfect.
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BlazysGérard Montréal
2610 Bennett suite 420, Montréal, Canada