Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Burkhalter Sumi Architekten

Burkhalter Sumi Architekten

Architects from Münstergasse 18a, Zürich, Switzerland
Burkhalter Sumi Architects founded in 1984, is a firm of fifteen to twenty in-office employees and five to ten construction and building site managers.

The field of activity ranges from the design of exhibitions as the latest exhibition on Gottfried Semper in Zürich to projects on urban developement.

In collaborations, we have completed masterplans for Zurich main train station, gardencity Schwamendingen and Stettbach train station.

Our engagement with restructuring unused industrial areas includes an industrial park for the Services Industry Board, renovation of a housing communitee Dettenbühl in Wettswil, the EMPA Dübendorf and the headquarter for Firma Sulzer in Winterthur.

Other fields of activity are modern office buildings: the service center Werd in Zürich offers 600-700 modern workstations. The officebuilding for the Eichhof Group in Luzern will be realized after the latest technical systems.

The public recognition of Hotel Zürichberg lead to the commission of the Dorint Hotel in Weimar and currently, the renovation of Restaurant, Hotel and Theater Rigiblick in Zurich.

Housing - from the co-operative housing project in Laufenburg, the urban villas in Altendorf to Wehrenbachhalde, Zurich and Hegifeld, Winterthur - compose the focals of the office.

From the very beginning through to today, Burkhalter Sumi Architects has earned a reputation for innovation in wood construction and use of colour.
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