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BYEDITION suggests a new vision for the fusion between design and craftsmanship. With high quality materials and attention to detail, our design focus on woodworking techniques and traditional methods that enhance the aesthetic and conceptual value of each original creation. Looking for uniqueness, all ByEdition collections will be limited and exclusive editions, with numbered and signed pieces. The selection will be made according to the time-of-life of each cast. All editions will be limited seeking for greater prominence of the product and looking for all the pieces to be similar in its essence.

Our commitment focuses mainly on the quality and innovation of our products. ByEdition products combine function, aesthetics, detail, know-how, the richness of the materials and contemporary design. The combination of craftsmanship, innovative technology, quality materials and attractive design results in seductive products made with competence and dedication.

To design quality we associate the enhancement of the manufacturing process for the treatment of every detail results in original parts, of high aesthetic and conceptual value.The know-how, experience fruit gained over many years by our direct employees, allows BYEDITION products stand out in a demanding market, the production quality, excellence in materials, where aesthetics and function translate also research and passion.

The BYEDITION pieces are limited edition (signed and numbered) offering exclusively magnificent products of contemporary design.

The product development department, led by experienced designer Pedro Sousa, gives us the guarantee of the emergence of innovative and unique products. In this department are designed products, developed prototypes, made studies and testing of different materials and finishes. Followed by a process of close cooperation between the department and external collaborators.

ByEdition's wish come design. Each piece has its own story; each collection its own world. In order to maintain and control the quality of production, the whole process begins in our design department.

Nothing is overlooked. Contemporary trends can inspire a piece, as historical references or ancestral manufacturing processes. Research, conceptualization, design and production are part of a process controlled by the creative team of the brand.

The design follows a permanent research into new forms of use and consumption, new customer profiles seeking a piece of design more than a product, an object of desire made real.

Our purpose is to obtain products of exceptional quality, therefore the choice of our employees goes through a rigorous selection process.

All phases of the production process are for us rigorously planned and controlled, both internally and externally.

Sharing the values of the brand, suppliers and producers are understood as part of the team, who share elements of our success.

BYEDITION brand features by exclusive development of limited edition series, or series wherein the production parts is limited to the number allowed by the mold.

These are signed and numbered pieces in order to show how many and what is the total size of the edition (example_byedition | design pedro sousa | 1/30).

They are developed components according to artistic processes, not just through industrial and mechanical processes.

Because there is a possibility of variation in the quality and the potential market value, the ByEdition gives preference to small number of editions, however, thanks to the development and rigorous quality control, it is unlikely that our pieces show significant variations.

Unique pieces as well as certain prototypes, defined as “evidence artist“ may be marketed properly, minted respectively under the “1 / 1“ and “P / P“ we also do two artist profs respectively marketed under the“P / A“.

In certain contexts, such as exhibitions, pieces may be submitted “hors de commerce“, which will not be marketed, labeled with the seal “H / C“.
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