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Caleido was set up by Danilo Rossetti in 1993 in Flero, Brescia, and since then has become a leading manufacturer of designer radiators, towel warmers and bio-fireplaces under the brand name Caleido. The company in now a benchmark all over the world for the design and high quality of its products.

Caleido converts into reality its own personal vision of future warmth, thanks to advanced design, state-of-the-art technology and the collaboration of internationally renowned architects and designers.
The company changed tack in 2004 with the presentation of its Fine Design catalogue, which contains exclusive new products and is enriched each year with innovative ones designed by Francesco Lucchese, Karim Rashid, James Di Marco, Alessandro Canepa, Gabriele Bavastrelli, Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri and Antonio Bullo. Radiators are no longer merely functional elements, but rather true protagonists, works of art to place in a contemporary setting, multi-purpose products that heat and decorate at the same time.

In order to create increasingly attractive and exciting atmospheres, Caleido introduced its Fire Design Collection in 2011, a range of indoor and outdoor bio-fireplaces that feature highly innovative shapes and combinations of different yet complementary materials, ranging from steel and concrete to solid wood and stone. Caleido bio-fireplaces are true innovative furnishing accessories that can suit any environment and run on bioethanol, a modern source of renewable energy.

A company that always leads the way has to focus on the market and the customer. Which is why Caleido is not merely a benchmark for designers, architects and fitters, but it also offers an efficient service on a par with the quality of the brand name. Caleido provides an all-round custom service for both dealers and end users, throughout the buying process, ranging from the choice of the product to calculation of the dimensions, interfacing with the fitter during installation and after-sales servicing.

After over two decades’ constant growth, Caleido markets its products in over 50 countries through a vast network of selected dealers and continues to enter new markets in pursuit of its policy of international expansion.
Important values such as total quality, a top level service, the search for innovative yet functional design and respect for the environment (development of products and processes with a low environmental impact) make Caleido a manufacturer of excellence and one of the most important ambassadors of Italian style at a global level.
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