Manufacturers from 109 boulevard NEY , Paris, France
In 1960, Campa is settled in Champagne. In the late 1960’s, the company has become N°1 company innovating in electric heating. Campa has created the first radiant heater, and the first heated towel-rails were born in the 1970’s.

Campa radiators are all made in France at our factory and are optimized to offer unrivaled performances.

Campa is continuously exercising style and materials…surprise you daring without limits and make sublime lines come true…Elegance in design, excellence of technology…

Campa offers a new perception of « radiator ». More complex, and more elaborated, the radiator is a creation wich makes no concession, it is good-looking, designed, performant, and energy-saving.

Beauty of details and finishes, it is all about perfection. The impact on our senses has not to be vague, all must be sublime. Touching makes emotion lasts, every single detail and finish has to be discovered, and the complex sensations have to be felt whenever the hand touches glass, steel and stone that reveal their most precious secrets.

Technology leads to comfort. Matters and materials, emotion. Undivisible. This is the vision which moves Campa.

To be able to offer unique pieces that are no simple objects without a soul and interest. Enrich space by occupying it with brilliance or, on the contrary, merge as a detail…but so important, so obvious. Make technology, matters and materials the components of comfort.