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Cedar & Moss

Cedar & Moss

Manufacturers from N/A, Krefeld, Germany
Welcome to Cedar & Moss! I'm excited you're here, checking out this new collection of modern and midcentury lighting. After more than ten years as a designer in the industry, I decided to venture out and start my own lighting studio. Today I'm thrilled to launch my collection and my company.

Modernist design has resonated with me since my days as an art history student. My designs have always taken cues from the past while forging into the future with unexpected perspectives. I was inspired to start this collection about a year ago when my family and I moved into an Eichler-style ranch home. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted for our new place, so I put my lighting experience to work. The designs I came up with for my own home led to more and more ideas, and this process eventually led to the creation of Cedar & Moss.

This initial collection offers both midcentury classics and minimalist designs that are sparely elegant and composed. My hope is that they feel at once fresh yet familiar, a blend of then and now. I am so happy to share this new adventure with you. Thank you for stopping by. 2014/2015 Update

In 2014 I learned that anything is possible. What started as a humble solo venture soon developed into a bustling studio and an empowered “we." Cedar & Moss grew to comprise a determined staff who brought with them their grace and confidence. We are sincere in every step we take, gaining momentum and capacity. We will forever appreciate all the support and encouragement that inspired us in our first year and continues to inspire us every day.

As we grow, we promise to hold true to our belief in the quality lighting we make and hope you enjoy our creations wherever you may dwell.

Thank you for being a part of our “we.”