CM Mimarlik
CM Mimarlik

CM Mimarlik

Architects from Ihlamur Yolu Çehreli, Nişantaşı, Turkey
Having been founded by CemSorguç in Istanbul in 2001, CM Architecture continues its productions in the areas of architecture and interior architecture out of its office in Nişantaşı with its 10 person team of professional architects.

CM Architecture, which fosters an environmentally sensitive design sense that approaches physical location, time-construction cost economy, user and functional criteria in tandem and in line with correct, esthetic, and scientific requirements without being pressured by fashion or trends, generates residential structures, educational structures, mixed-use projects, urban planning projects, cultural structures, office structures, renovation and restoration projects, tourism and lodging structures, commercial structures, industrial structures and contest projects at widely differing scales.

With the belief that becoming caught up in specific design trends deforms architecture, CM Architecture has adopted architectural production that does not compromise on the primacy of function without disregarding the user’s expectation of the space while maintaining a considerably dynamic state of mind. Without doubting that location is the most important context of the project, it is believed that fundamental elements such as the user, employer, function, form, economy may be the same under certain circumstances but at the same time, the most important element that makes a project unique is that location’s singularity together with the geography, culture and climate of that location.

In CM Architecture, which has adopted a collective work ethic, the concept design prepared by CemSorguç is developed by the architects on the team who are responsible for that project thereby giving all the members of the team a chance to participate in the design stage of various projects. That each project is carried out by the same architect(s) through all stages from architectural design to implementation not only ensures a more flowing and productive work but also provides the architects on the team with opportunities to cultivate more versatility in themselves. The architectural team makes full use of the cad, 3D, graphic and cinematic computer programs necessary in producing projects as well as for working on models.

Within the team structure with a sense of long-term employment at CM Architecture, it is possible for architects to earn seniority over the years. This sense brings with it a peaceful atmosphere in a work environment based on relationships of friendship that is both educational and in which everyone can learn together.

As another method for catching one’s breath in a hectic work environment, the CM Architecture team is also responsible for conceptual projects within and outside architecture and continues its productions in various artistic areas and in music in particular. Some of the most recent examples of these would be providing architectural consultancy to the Istanbul Design Guide prepared by the Italian Edizioni Zero magazine within the scope of the Istanbul Design Biennial, the design for the “A kind of electricity appeared in outer space: Musical Turkey in the 1960s” exhibit, the documentary “Gashouses with CemSorguç” prepared by Iz TV, “Octopus’ Garden” prepared and presented by CemSorguç on Açık Radio for many years and the music program “Moon Palace” presented by TolgaYağlı, another architect at CM Architecture.