COOKFOX co-founders Rick Cook and Bob Fox have built a team of passionate, talented professionals who are pursuing a transformative vision: beautiful design shaped by a strong connection to place, the highest standards of sustainability, and a commitment to excellence enriched by the collaborative process. We designed our open studio environment to be a healthy, productive, creative workplace where together we can meet the urgent challenge of crafting beautiful, sustainable architecture. The principles of collaboration and integrated design set the tone for every project at COOKFOX. We engage clients, developers, contractors, engineers, and public stakeholders early on, bringing diverse perspectives into the design process. Throughout every project and in our own workplace, we view open communication and continuous learning as essential investments. We believe inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, so our studio and design process leave room for unexpected insights and spontaneous connections to happen. This enables our architects and designers to engage in the focused, yet inherently playful pursuit of intellectual curiosity that often leads to the most innovative and effective solutions. As part of our proactive effort to shift the mindset of those who shape our world, Rick Cook and Bob Fox joined Bill Browning and Chris Garvin to found Terrapin Bright Green, an environmental consulting firm, to make a global difference beyond architecture through green development, policy, and research. Advancing strategies for whole-systems thinking and collaborative methodology, Terrapin works in collaboration with non-profit, government, and private entities to reconnect people with nature and fundamentally improve health, productivity, and overall economic and environmental performance.
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