Manufacturers from 22-24 rue Lavoisier - Bât. A , Nanterre, France
Corso Magenta owns 4 international patents for its paint innovation

Corso Magenta is a innovative company that designs and manufactures factory ”high technology” ready-to-use dry paint systems.

Designed to be glued to their supports as dry paint , these systems constitute a triple revolution:
An economic revolution: By their method of installation by glueing ready-to-use systems provide drastic gains in productivity, quality and cleanliness.
An aesthetic and technological revolution: The prefabricated systems produce exceptional finishing qualities ( color , made of material …). By placing nanotechnology in the heart of the painting, they also offer the possibility of designing skins surface with multiple features.
A green revolution: Prefabricated systems emit significantly less VOCs , generate less paint consumption for a better quality , entailing fewer rejects and waste of liquid paints.

They can produce paints and varnishes applied and dried in the factory prior to installation and regardless of the final surface.

We put our research team and our know-how to our clients in the development of specific solutions.

We work with our clients on multiple issues:

- Developing skins exceptional surfaces to create the difference and uniqueness (colors, rendered material, images, motifs)
- Development of industrial solutions to provide flexibility and profitability to paint application operations , with greater respect for the environment
- Functionalization of surfaces using nanotechnology introduced into our paintings.