CRISTINA Rubinetterie
CRISTINA Rubinetterie

CRISTINA Rubinetterie

Manufacturers from Via Fava 56, GOZZANO, Italy
Founded in 1949, CRISTINA rubinetterie has grown over the years to become one of the great "protagonists" of the industry, a true point of reference in the sanitary fittings articles market, able to anticipate the trends of design and to propose innovative, beautiful, functional solutions attentive to the environment. The company - owned by the family Cristina di Gozzano (in Novara province) - is today firmly guided by Alberto, who continue to write the history of this all Italian entrepreneurial success.

Over the years many things have changed and CRISTINA rubinetterie has changed its name to CRS SpA, contextually absorbing the Silfra brand, synonymous with electronic taps, timed taps, automatic systems for bath and shower drainage and related components.

With two plants in Gozzano, one in Gargallo and the other in Fontaneto d'Agogna (No) - with a total of 35 thousand square meters of covered surface and 250 employees - CRISTINA rubinetterie is today more than ever proud of its made in Italy own production.While its roots are in our country, its vision, however, is also decidedly focused abroad: the company currently distributes to 70 countries, with a predominance in Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Austria), accompanied by a strategy of expansion toward the Mediterranean Africa, the Far East, Oceania and America: of significance is the fact that 56% of turnover comes from foreign markets, with a positive forecast of achieving 65/70% over the next five years.

In its third generation, the Cristina family continues to believe in the value of innovation, continually investing in research and technological development, as well as in the aesthetic evolution of the product.
The collaboration with international renowned design companies, among which Makio Hasuike & Co - that created the Esempio, Diario and Rubinetto series - confirms the great attention paid to the shape, as well as to the quality of the product. But there are many creative subjects that have enhanced the CRISTINA range of new series taps, from MC2 Architetti Associati studio for the King and Queen series, Studio dal Lago for Seltz, to Wilmotte & Industries for Modul.
The quality of the product is the result of rigorous monitoring of each step of the production process combined with the reliability of the raw materials used. This has enabled the acquisition, year after year, of the most important international quality certifications and the business quality certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.