De Baggis S.r.l.
De Baggis S.r.l.

De Baggis S.r.l.

Manufacturers from ia G. da Cermenate, 60, Cantù, Italy
The small cabinet marker's shop been born in Milan in 1929 thanks to Angelo De Baggis becomes a flourishing company in 1934 in Cantù, where it attests in the course of the years important acknowledgments of esteem for the excellent supplies executed all over the world.

Spurred on by many successes Angelo De Baggis founds in 1961 the International Furniture Fair of Milan, of which he remains president for 22 years uninterruptedly.

The factory in which today the totality of the production is carried out has been inaugurated on September 1st 1958, a plant in the van, enlarged then in the following years.

The technologies characterizing the company today have not cancelled the man's hand ability, that is still present in the more delicate working cycles, from assembly to finishing and to the test of every piece.
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