Solid Bench is an attempt to revive the fine woodworking tradition in India. For us, Furniture is an outcome. The TREE defines form.

While handcrafting furniture, we never hurry, and we never hide. Joinery is celebrated. Patience is rewarded. We go by the holy grail of woodworking. Measure twice, cut once.

In a mass consumption world evolving quickly, Solid Bench is a carpentry studio with a different approach.

Quality rather than quantity. At Sold Bench we took over 2 years to perfect our technique before starting to sell our first product. We are now known for our fine woodworking joinery. No nails or screws are used in our items except for the assembly of the legs to a table top.

Made by hand with solid wood, your furniture is thought to be more lasting with a timeless aesthetic.

Inspired by Japanese tradition and the American crafts movement, we have launched the Live Edge Furniture Collection. A tribute to nature, our masterpieces are a celebration of the anisotropy of natural wood. Our furniture emerges out of the form defined by each individual tree we select. Our work incorporates traditional joinery techniques, natural oil finishes and minimalistic designs.

We work with sustainably harvested Rosewood, Siris and Teak as well as imported White Oak and White Ash. The natural wood imperfections are incorporated into our designs with fine woodworking skills, and the wooden grains are highlighted using a matt oil finish. The use of solid natural wood guarantees a unique piece of furniture for each one of you.

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