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DEDAR – an acronym of design d’arredamento (furnishing design) – is deeply rooted in the traditional silk district of Como where it was founded in 1976, fruit of Elda and Nicola Fabrizio’s passion for the world of design and textiles.
Ever since 1997, Caterina and Raffaele have worked alongside their parents in managing the company, sharing their same passionate enthusiasm but making their own particular contribution with a vision that is distinctly focused on the future.
Down through the years Dedar has evolved constantly, to become a Textile Editeur of international standing. Since “only great passions can elevate the soul to great things” (Johann Wolfgang Goethe).
A great passion, cultivated and nourished in the course of time, while exploring the multifarious facets and contents of the textile universe, within and beyond the excellent manufacturing art of Como.
This patient and fruitful background of experience invested in the company has led to the creation of a variegated repertoire of furnishing fabrics, trimmings and wallpapers. The Dedar collections artfully interpret this cultured research in the world of yarns and textiles with a slant that is decidedly contemporary. Innovative creations which highlight both stylistic traits and manufacturing techniques.

Dedar constructs its identity and raison d’être on the cornerstones of style, innovative product
research and design. To produce its collections, Dedar makes use of carefully selected textile mills, specialized in various materials and manufacturing techniques, entrusting each one with what may even be a single phase of the process involved in product creation, enjoying perfect freedom to transpose techniques or materials, originally destined to other applications, to the world of textiles.
Dedar principally draws from the specialist know-how of Como and surrounding area, with its history of textile manufacturing; in fact 90% of Dedar fabrics are produced in Italy.
With 2700 sales points distributed in over 60 countries throughout the world and a contract division
that provides furnishings to restaurants, hotel chains, boutiques, pleasure cruisers and yachts, Dedar
now plays a protagonist role in textile editing.
The firm’s collections comprise 300 articles and 3000 colourways, while the 500,000 metres of fabric in stock allow for the immediate delivery of 98% of orders. Moreover, in response to the demand of architects and interior designers, Dedar produces customized fabrics specially studied to meet specific requirements.
An interesting fact? Pallade, the precious shantung silk in extra width (330 cm), is Dedar’s bestselling fabric worldwide: over 70 thousand metres to date since its introduction which, when calculated in a standard fabric width of 140 cm, is equivalent to over 160 thousand metres of silk.

Creativity and research
Creativity and research are two aspects of a unique process, focused on achieving the technical and aesthetic excellence which has always been the hallmark of Dedar collections. It takes more than a year before a fabric can actually go into production and, in some cases, the development process entails several years’ trial runs and experimentation, for instance when it combines innovative techniques with artisanal processes, natural fibres with technological or metallic yarns. Technical research, harmoniously balanced between tradition and innovation, converts into pleasing visual and tactile sensations. The Dedar collections are conceived to accompany our everyday lives, whether at home or elsewhere, wherever they carry that spirit of uniqueness deriving from the passion for beautiful things, a characteristic shared by the entire Fabrizio family.

The Dedar Collection
Free-roaming inspiration, elegance, force of expression, the desire to experiment, a passion for precious qualities and extensive colour ranges constitute the essence of the Dedar collection of fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings. Silk, velvet, linen and sheers that combine precious threads and traditional techniques to the research for innovating fibres and weaving methods.

The partnership with Hermès
In April 2011, Dedar e Hermès have founded a joint subsidiary for the production and distribution of the first Hermès collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.
This partnership fuses the experience and know-how of Dedar with the richness of the Hermès creative universe, on a foundation of values cherished by both houses: the constant quest for excellence and a strong family spirit.
The collections designed under Hermès’ artistic direction are available from selected Hermès stores, and, thanks to a distribution agreement with Dedar, through a specialist network.


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