Den Herder Production House
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Den Herder Production House

Den Herder Production House

Manufacturers from Rosmalensedijk 3, s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
DHPH or Den Herder Production House is a producer and distributor of handmade products and custom made pieces. After years of working solely with Maarten Baas, DHPH has extended this collaboration format to other designers fitting our ways of making things. The works are hand made in our studio, in editions too small to warrant setting up a production line and too technical and with too much aesthetic variation to be outsourced. This layout gives us the flexibility to customize products from the standard collection and also to realize larger projects.

Besides a continuing collaboration with Baas, DHPH is extending its experience in co-creation to other designers, architects, corporate brands and private clients. The Downstairs chandelier by BertjanPot, the Tools light by Fabien Dumas, the P.O.V. family by NIGHTSHOP, the Vilu light by gt2P, the Clay Furniture collection by Maarten Baas and the Temper Chair by Max Lipsey, are among others available as standard (catalogue-) items. Retailers can purchase directly from DHPH.

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