Dori Interior Design

Dori Interior Design

Architects from Gershon Shatz 13, Tel Aviv, Israel
Dori Redlich-owned studio, interior designer, involved in planning and designing apartments, houses and commercial spaces starting from the initial stage until all details of interior design.

Our design approach is fresh, clean and modern, we are functioning from a strong client orientation and adaptation of lifestyle space, with an emphasis on functionality and comfort for daily use, coping with challenges and design a solution that also lets in the fulfillment of our customer's dream home.

Our goal is to create a space that would surprise and excite not only exposed to it for the first time, but also the customer himself to be discovered "his house every time, woodworking details, various architectural details, lighting and other details

We assist the client in all phases of the project began with the planning of the architectural program, selecting the project concept, production of detailed work plans, including furniture design, simulations, material selection, management of tenders in front of professionals and supervising the work until the end of the project.
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Dori Interior Design Headquarters
Gershon Shatz 13, Tel Aviv, Israel

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