Arnon by the sea

Arnon by the sea

Private Houses
Tel Aviv, Israel - Build completed in 2017
Adi Cohen Zedek

Arnon by the sea

Dori Interior Design as Architects

On one of the small and magical streets of Tel Aviv, between the famous Tel Avivian Blue House and Leah Goldberg's (famous Israeli poet) house, only a few steps from the beach located the apartment of 105 square meters.

When it was bought, the apartment was divided into three student apartments, almost nothing of the magic that fills it today was impossible to identify and was hard to imagine, almost everything but one - its location.

During the renovation, which lasted about four months, all the walls of the interior were removed, leaving an open space with a southwestern facade right on the sea.

The apartment has been divided into two distinct spaces: a wide-open public space that includes a dreamy Tel Aviv balcony and a private space that includes 3 rooms: master bedroom, a children's room and home office room with a direct view of the sea and an exit to the balcony.

The design concept of the apartment was greatly influenced by the character of Arnon Street, where the apartment is located. This small and quiet Street has been the stronghold of the Tel Aviv bohemia since the 1930s, when the poet, translator and playwright Leah Goldberg grew up and created her famous book "My Friends from Arnon Street”, Esteemed singers and composers.

The appearance, color and design of the apartment are a derivative of the nature of this building and heritage. Its design is modern but combines significant elements in space that give the apartment a lot of depth, elegance and warmth.

In the apartment there were a few concrete beams that dictated part of the design and the designer chose to work with them and use them both in terms of altitude games and in the use of the material, some of which were exposed and left raw and some were covered and complemented by a decorative wooden ceiling.

The use of the material is very evident in the apartment and gives it a modern / eclectic appearance. At the entrance there is a wall that is covered with micro topping, which gives it a concrete look. The concrete wall continues with an iron Mashrabia partition planned and designed to create a barrier between the private space and the public space. In open mode, the concrete wall forms the background of a partition that creates special shading on the wall with the large light that surrounds the apartment, and in a closed mode the yellow bathroom door is a unique background to the partition.

The use of iron also continues with the Belgian profiles chosen for the apartment and in the unique library planned and designed by the interior designer as well and was painted in dark blue as the color of the entrance door and the kitchen floor.

The kitchen floor is a blue epoxy floor, while the rest of the house is covered with warm fish bone parquet floor with a European fragrance.

The white kitchen cabinets are decorated with delicate cornice that gives an elegant, luxurious and clean look to a fundamentally modern kitchen and a white marble surface with black capillaries completes the overall picture.

An additional emphasis is placed on different hosting / seating areas so that a dining table for 6 diners can be found and a bar sitting for two on a marble surface for morning coffee. In the living room there is a soft, luxurious sofa next to an armchair and a chair. And on the balcony a concrete bench with cushions for lying / lounging and a luxurious sitting armchair.

The various furniture and accessories in the apartment consist of a combination of Italian and Scandinavian brands and the palette is combined with a warm and cold touch of home greenery.

Along with the many technical lighting scattered in the various spaces, one can see the unique, hand-made lighting fixtures of lighting designer Assaf Weinbrom, which were designed in cooperation with the interior designer – Dori Redlich.

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Product Specifications
Asaf WeinbroomLighting Fixture
e15e15That Lounge chair
MorosoMorosoRedondo armchair
Saba ItaliaSaba ItaliaSofa- New York sofa
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