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EGM architects

EGM architects

Architects from Wilgenbos 20, Dordrecht, Netherlands
EGM Architects is a large and versatile agency that is a platform for conceiving individual architecture. We are an agency that reflects and challenges the strengths of our employees. EGM’s goal is to tangibly contribute to a top quality environment. We make optimal use of the tools of motivated talent, the support of a professional organisation, and the steering of partners with vision.

Architecture is a product of human creativity. EGM’s range of quality services focuses on the personal talent of our employees. Our organisational style is characterised by our employees bearing considerable responsibility while working in a context of project teams. Our clients interface with fine-tuned teams. These project teams operate under the management and end responsibility of one of EGM’s partners, forming a coalition of experts who assess design decision consequences and apply them such that design and execution takes place within the established limits of budget and time.

We apply our knowledge of regulations, process management, building costs and plans to guarantee successful design and elaboration processes. We make optimal use of the knowledge of EGM Advisors while working within our project teams.
EGM Advisors is an independent advice and research group within EGM. This group provides advice in such areas as architecture, building physics, fire safety, building regulations, building costs, durability, accessibility, and functional quality. EGM Advisors regularly carry out design-related project studies and strategic assessments of important spatial concepts such as those involving accommodation and social services and multiple uses of space. Our writers of specifications, building cost experts, and supervisors are our clients’ guarantee that our planning and execution of various processes is always successful.

EGM Architects work method focuses on realising all our clients’ and users’ quality objectives. Every building has its own intrinsic value as a product of its culture. EGM feels that a building must also exhibit added value as a functional object. We believe that such aspects as durability, environmental friendliness, flexibility, and utilisation are integral components of design. Quality results when all these aspects, together with functionality, technology, and architectural design, form a truly harmonic whole.

EGM Architects design projects in virtually all market sectors. We supply services through the entire range of design and execution processes, and can assume full responsibility for all phases of planning and process monitoring.