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Ehrenborg & Co have extensive experience of quality flooring in commercial and public environment. We have supplied our customers with attractive and inspiring floors since 1947. Our main goal has always been to offer quality, service and wide range of flooring. Since 2006 we market our own Luxury Vinyl Tile, LVT, under the brand Nordic Flooring. We have agents all over Europe, focusing on municipalities, county councils, architects, interior designers, contractors and chain companies.

Our range consists of design high-quality LVT. Ehrenborg works “just in time” with its own warehouse facility in Mölndal. Therefore, along with our partners, we can meet requirements for individual design proposals through to rapid dispatch of sample products.

Ehrenborg markets and sells flooring for public areas in Europe. We sell products that offer supreme comfort, durability, an advanced design and problem solving.

Environmental work shall be performed within the framework of the business concept and shall also cover the requirements and action with regards to suppliers.
Employees shall be well informed and aware of the company’s environmental work and environmental objectives.
The company shall continuously improve the work by preventing and reducing pollutants that affect the environment.
The company shall always apply current environmental legislation. Consideration for the environment shall pervade all levels of the company.
We shall inform about environmentally friendly products and supply products that give the customer the opportunity to choose alternatives that reduce the environmental impact.
The Board of Directors for Ehrenborg agreed upon this environmental policy on December 12, 2009.
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