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El Torrent

El Torrent

Manufacturers from C/Currero nº8, Mieres, Spain
EL TORRENT was started by designer Eloy Puig in Girona in 1997, bringing forward handmade creations and decorative lighting collections of its own.

Based on teamwork and a customer–designer interaction, we have been committed from the start to innovation and evolution.
Our urge for answers and solutions to the changing needs of the lighting market, has led us to offer high adaptability and flexibility in our designs, materials, sizes and finishes. We act swiftly to face any challenge, and we are specialized in contract projects and private and public spaces illumination.
As a result of this combination of effort and dynamism, we are now present in over 50 countries.

Currently there are collaborations from other designers such as Andreu Carulla, Stimulo Design and Joan Genebat.


El Torrent presents its fresh and creative collections adapted to the latest technologies. They are based on subtle designs in different textures that aim for warmth and comfort. We create lightings with "soul".
We design lightings that can be integrated into any environment and that create a singular and unique space.

We like to play with the diversity and originality of our finishes. We have them in leather-like, organdie, vinyl, natural silk, natural wood, fabric designs and avant-garde authors.

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Our Offices
El Torrent Mieres Headquarters
+34 972 680 291
C/Currero nº8, Mieres, Spain

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