ELE Arkitektura
ELE Arkitektura

ELE Arkitektura

Architects from Durango
Ele Arkitektura (Durango, 2013) is a multidisciplinary platform aimed at design, founded by architecs Eduardo Landia and Eloi Landia.
We carry out projects of many typologies and scales based on the research carried out around architectural concept, context and tectonics of the material.
In recent years our work has been awarded in various competitions, for example: finalists in 1st Peña Ganchegui Award for Basque young architects (2017), Honorable mention in 2nd Peña Ganchegui Award for Basque young architects (2019), 1st prize in Kurutziaga School restricted competiton(2016), 1st prize in CTAV Valencian Architects Headquartes open competition (2015), 2nd prize in Sarasola Bridge international competition in San Sebastian (2015).
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