Peter Clarke


Designers from Melbourne, Australia
Electrolight is a design studio dedicated to making a difference through light.

We believe that light has the power to change lives. Regulating our bodies, fueling our emotions and inspiring our soul. We are intrinsically fascinated by the way in which we see and experience the world around us. Central to that is vision – and by definition – light.

Sculptors of light and curators of the visual realm, we draw talent from the best creative minds in the design industry. We leverage technology so that our practice transcends geographic borders; our team is united by a belief that our work makes a difference.

Founded in Melbourne in 2004, our practice has grown to include studios in Sydney, San Francisco and London. Our London studio is branded 18 Degrees. Like all siblings, we each have our own individuality that is embraced and encouraged, making us a global family spanning 3 continents.

Our Team
Our team come from backgrounds as diverse as architecture, interior design, industrial design, engineering and fine arts. This gives us a breadth of experience, spanning the art and science of our profession.

As a company we invest in the best IT infrastructure and software and our team are skilled to the highest level. This enables us to communicate our design ideas through sketches, computer renders and detailed 2D and 3D documentation.

Further, we play a wider role in the design community and are involved with the International Association of Lighting Designers and the Illumination Engineers Society. Members of our team regularly speak at conferences, write articles for professional journals and organise and participate in design competitions promoting the lighting design profession.