Espaço a3
Espaço a3

Espaço a3

Architects from Av. Dr. Arlindo Vicente nº 90, 3ºesq, Seixal, Portugal
Espaço a3 was established in May 1 st, 2004, being a young and dynamic team that always look to do a work with strong character and individuality with each client.

Today the office counts with a various number of finalized jobs in diferent work fields, since multi-family residence buildings, single family residence, commercial, retail, reconstruction and alteration jobs of existing spaces and buildings.

The team assumes the commitment of being capable to share skills and abilities to find solutions, a collective eye to exceed what is

The Architecture of “espaço a3” has the objective to create distinct and relevant architecture with the starting point resting within the unique
context and specific conditions of the individual project. Taking an active approach, “espaço a3” is involved throughout the whole process,
from developing the early sketch to the on-site supervision.

Based on a filosofy that believe that a client with precise objectives allows to stimulate criativity and helping to design the project, ideas turn
in to materialized buildings.

The architecture of “Espaço a3-Arquitectura Personalizada” has the objective of not leaving you indifferent...

Attitude, is a constant and indispensable presence in our office.
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Espaço a3 Seixal Headquarters
Av. Dr. Arlindo Vicente nº 90, 3ºesq, Seixal, Portugal

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