House in Marisol

House in Marisol

Espaço a3
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House in Marisol

Espaço a3 as Architects

Location: Seixal, Portugal

Principals in Charge: Carlos Pinto Velosa

Collaborators: Sara Stella, Mariana Proença

Engineering: FJ Gabinete de Projectos, Lda

Site Area: 1290m2 Project Area: 325 m2

Project Year: 2003-2007

Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Among different types and stiles of constructions one new home takes place at Marisol, Seixal. This new construction makes a contrast with the simplicity of forms and lines, where two volumes embrace an interior patio.

The house breaks the relations with the other constructions but takes in high consideration the lot shape and landscape. Two volumes separate main areas of the house, private and social. The social volume, the biggest, with an a traditional inclined roof with ceramic tiles, looks into West finishing with a large glass wall that brings light to the interior and molds the space with the sun set light in the evening. The private areas belong to a closed long volume that is all finished with wood panels. In contrast with the other volume, this one has small windows giving an intimate feeling.

The natural light is the main source of molding the space and transforming this project, starting with the morning light at the private areas and finalizing the day cycle in the evening with the sun set getting in the social room. All theses spaces and elements get together in the center space and reunites the whole home – the patio.

The interior patio is the key element that brings together all the spaces and the complexity of all the house volumes and functions.

The garden room, this way called since is a separate space, a lounge and play room, that works also as sun room since is characterized for the big glass walls, is one more volume that completes the whole complex of this home characterized by the addition of the exterior spaces created by the closed volumes.

The final architectonic object is a result of different desires of the client and an approach to their necessities as well as their uncertainties. They where looking for a modern house for a modern living, but also looking into some traditions and habits. Their goals and desires where main part of the project options and not giving the total freedom to the architect they gave the most important, the elements for creativity. Those are the closest possible to a perfect client.

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