Since 2004 the Esquissos Architecture and Consulting company, working mainly in the Lisbon area, develops projects in a variety of styles, including the housing sector (houses, private condominiums, rehabilitation and refurbishment works) to the industrial and commercial sector. The focus on areas revolving around tourism, with strong investment in the country, will stand out in the near future as one of our main areas of intervention. Concerns about sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor building air quality, reduction of consumption, etc. combined with an investment in training and software, have been our way to give our projects what is important to our customers – comfort and quality. In addition to our team of architects, collaborations and partnerships have been established with technicians, who ensure the implementation of all details necessary for the development of any project, as well as, proper coordination and monitoring. Careful follow up is assured at all stages of the project, providing close supervision from the first idea through to the conclusion of the work. We absolutely ensure the technical accuracy of the drawings and the coordination of all the characteristics to ensure a result of complete excellence.
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