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THE SUN SHINES FOR ALL The sun is for us an inexhaustible source of energy widely available at the surface of our planet. A source of life and wellbeing, we have always searched for solutions to capture its light and heat for our sustainability. The current environmental and energy challenges have pushed us to take our concepts and ideas to the next level. There are numerous uses designed for human activity - natural light, heating, electricity production - in our homes, offices, gyms etc. But the sun also possesses a “dark side” which makes it necessary to limit its abundant solar power according to season, exposure and location, in order to reduce expensive air conditioning usage. This is the challenge we face: to transform this wonderous light energy into a friend throughout the seasons by controlling all of its aspects. A challenge lightened by advancements in thermal regulation and constrained by tighter laws governing construction. Launched on the French market in 1987, EVERLITE CONCEPT has been the leader in natural light and heat insulation solutions for almost three decades. What makes us unique is our ability to share our vast experience and expertise with Architecture and Construction professionals to ensure the highest quality results.
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