Manufacturers from Åvägen 1, Habo, Sweden
Today, Fagerhult is one of the leading lighting companies in Europe, with the Nordic Countries and Continental Europe incorporating its largest home markets. Outside of the Nordic Countries, Fagerhult’s strongest market positions are in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. The Group has subsidiaries in 20 countries, divided into four geographical business areas.

Fagerhult develops, manufactures and markets innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions for professional environments. A wide range of products and solutions is offered within our three main product areas: Indoor, Retail and Outdoor. The business, brands and customers are often local. Consequently, operations are run locally through several companies with strong brands, reaching a variety of customer and market segments. Local sales are supplemented by a network of agents and distributors giving Fagerhult access to approximately 40 markets. Manufacturing takes place at the Group’s production facilities in Sweden, Finland, the UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey and China.

Fagerhult activities are divided among four geographic business regions:

Northern Europe - Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Estonia
UK and Ireland - UK, Irleland,
Rest of Europe - Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium
Middle East, Asia and the Pacific - Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, China
AB Fagerhult’s share is traded on the Nasdaq OMX exchange in Stockholm (Mid Cap).