Fernandes / Arquitetos Associados
Fernandes / Arquitetos Associados

Fernandes / Arquitetos Associados

Architects from Rua Funchal, 573 cj 61 - Vila Olímpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Founded in 1998 by the architect Daniel Hopf Fernandes, the Fernandes Arquitetos Associados, established in São Paulo, has consolidated nationally and internationally as major reference in the industry by its operation in different segments such as Infrastructure, Transport, Health, Industrial, Sports, besides Urbanistic and Institutional Projects, and Commercial and Mixed Use Buildings for Real Estate Market. It operates in Feasibility Studies for large undertakings, as well as consulting for Sports Complex and Entertainment.
It has over 180 structure projects, advanced technological resources and a team of professionals compromised with innovation and quality. Fernandes Arquitetos was the only office responsible for two arenas for the 2014 FIFA World Cup: Arena Pernambuco and “Jornalista Mário Filho” Stadium – the Maracanã. Its first international project was the award winning Nacala Airport, in Mozambique, and in addition, the airport experience can also be proven in Brazil, with the Retrofit of the Terminal 2 (old Terminals 1 and 2) from Guarulhos International Airport - GRU Airport.

The office stands out for its versatility and for seeking specific solutions for each project, taking into account the experience accumulated with the works in different areas, the technical know-how, the tune with new technologies and the management of a team that 'thinks' architecture in a broad and creative way. It’s an agile team, with numerous skills and vast knowledge to present projects that surprise the client and prove expertise in various segments, always questing for innovation and for tools that allow architects of the team to create with freedom and intelligence. “We understand the architect as a professional that must be in the frontline for the development of urbanistic and constructive solutions”, Daniel H. Fernandes noted. “He must contribute with his knowledge, competence and experience, working as facilitator and consultant, which goes beyond placing ideas on the paper”.

Awards conquered by Fernandes Arquitetos:

• “The African Property Awards 2015 – 2016”, by the Nacala International Airport project in Mozambique, in the category “Public Service Architecture”. The award “The African Property Awards” is part of the “International Property Awards” and the main aim of the awards is to recognize excellence in the construction industry on a global stage.
• “Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2013” – Retrofit category, by the authorship of the modernization project of “Jornalista Mário Filho” Stadium – the Maracanã.
• “International Property Awards 2012”, by the Arena Pernambuco project in three categories: “Best Public Service Architecture”; “Best Public Service Architecture Central & South America" and "Best Public Service Architecture Brazil" – awarding associated to the “Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Yamaha”.
• The architect Daniel Fernandes ranked 2nd in the “2006 Prisma Award” – “Buildings” category, by the André Fernandes uni-familiar residence project, in Barueri.

Areas of Expertise:

The office has in its sports portfolio, projects developed for Grêmio Arena, in Porto Alegre; Fonte Nova Arena, in Salvador; Ponte Preta Arena and Campinas Arena; São Jorge Arena, an indoor arena with only 15 thousand seats; and a Retrofit for the “Estádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho”, the Pacaembu Arena (São Paulo). Fernandes Arquitetos was responsible for the Arena Pernambuco and the “Jornalista Mário Filho” Stadium – the Maracanã, para a Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2014 [2014 FIFA World Cup]. The architectural office has developed a great knowhow in feasibility and profitability studies related to the architectural designs of the sports complexes, and is currently developing the Maracanã Complex, the study for an arena in Cochabamba City (Bolivia), for the South American Games of 2018, and a new Arena for Portuguesa, in São Paulo. The office has received two important awards in the segment: the “Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2013” – Retrofit category, by the authorship of the Maracanã project and the “International Property Awards 2012” by the Arena Pernambuco project in three categories: “Best Public Service Architecture”; “Best Public Service Architecture Central & South America" and "Best Public Service Architecture Brazil".

Fernandes Arquitetos Associados is responsible for projects for the subway in São Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Metrofor (in Fortaleza), Monorail in Manaus, CPTM stations, in addition to its first international project: the Nacala Airport, in Mozambique. There are over 70 stations designed for various systems, in different brazilian capital cities. The office also developed the Retrofit of Terminal 2 (old Terminals 1 and 2) of Guarulhos Airport - GRU AIRPORT and the Terminals for the subway surface LRT (Light Rail), in Cuiabá. Besides, the study of the refurbishment, expansion and modernization of Fernandes was selected to support the process of concessions for the International Airports of Fortaleza and Salvador.

In order to transform areas, public spaces and even the dynamic of cities, Fernandes Arquitetos plans projects with the Pinheiros Linear Park, which covers a total area of 2,500,000.00 m² and 25 km of extension, aiming at transforming Pinheiros River banks (in São Paulo/SP) in an important leisure and sports equipment. The Basic and Executive Designs for Reurbanization and Requalification of the Capivari Park, in Campos do Jordão/SP, are also in progress, and have as main objective the modernization of the existing park, its full urban insertion and requalification of its surroundings, and the recovery of the existing vegetation and the banks of Capivari River, in addition to emphasize naturalistic aspects of the Park with planting of native species.

Public and private project that combines the architectural design to functionality that a hospital complex requires. The highlights are the Hospital Geral de Clínicas de Santo André [General Clinics Hospital of Santo André], the Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia [Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology], Instituto Emílio Ribas [Emílio Ribas Institute], Hospital da Criança de São José de Rio Preto [Children’s Hospital of São José de Rio Preto], Hospital Municipal de Paulínia [Local Hospital of Paulínia], the Hospital Franco da Rocha [Franco da Rocha Hospital], and the project of the new General Hospital of Caraguatatuba. Nowadays, the buildings totalize more than 100,000 m2 of built area and operate over a thousand beds.

Projects for Sara Lee Café, Michelin tires factory in Campo Grande/RJ – where it worked with international consultants - and projects for power generation, such as the Tambaqui, Jaraqui and Canoas Thermoelectric Power Plants.

The office works together with large incorporators and real state investors in several segments, from small till large enterprises, acting since the feasibility study, supporting the definition of best product and project, according to the expected results, where the design architecture and its urban integration seeks to add value not only for the city but also for the venture. The projects include residential, commercial and mixed use buildings, as well as projects in the areas of entertainment, logistics, hospitality, such as cafes, bars, theme parks, among others. Other highlights were the projects of Mercado das Flores (the Flowers Market), the Maracanã Complex, Grêmio Arena Complex and various mixed use projects.