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20 years and 12 designers creations

When a company turns a page in its history as Forest today is better to plan for a bright future with the design spear, but always with creativity, poetry and nature as pillars.

Preserve the fundamental yesterday but already imagine tomorrow's ...
Join in a continuity of requirements, quality, and image selection ...
Adapting to economic changes and reinvent: a modus vivendi for Forestry since its foundation!
Feeding the passion and experience of many strong personalities, the expertise of professionals in each field ...

Another chapter begins to write ...

The 2012 collection focuses on light and its reflections in all its forms.

Iconic catalog Forestier, luminaires and their environment, are part of a more energy than ever. Of unpublished tools, new technologies (photovoltaic, LED, ...) summon new knowledge to the poetic and aesthetic decliner mind if dear Forestier ...

"And what could be more attractive in a house a lamp elegant and functional bonus that respects the environment and energy constraints that are ours today? "
This is such a recognized or emerging talents have been entrusted with the mission to create objects of a specific strong identity but always affordable prices.

Arik Levy - Sebastian Bergne - Laurence Brabant - Emmanuel Gallina - Christian Ghion and Basil Huez - Normal Studio - Ionna Vautrin - Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence - Elise Fouin - Nicolas Daul and Julien Demanche - Neil Poulton

To anticipate the near future and outline solutions to new problematic. To capitalize on what made the singularity of the House and decliner our difference with the resources of tomorrow.

For the record ...

1992 - 2001
A topiary is invited to the origin of the adventure that was born from the passion of Bernard Forestier for French gardens, their proper proportions, their balance, the elegant alternating straight lines and curves. It has the taste of the beautiful but love the matter that is carved. This creative spirit shakes up the traditions and brings the art of botany in the house. It gives life to objects wire weaves before turning to the different materials as metal rust, zinc or iron to present the creations always aerial,-structured, combining poetry and humor. Over time, Forestier is required by his research and his mastery of a fragile balance between nature and design, the refinement of its clean lines, its bias and genuine raw materials-optimized by the work of artisans.

2002 -2011
Ten years after its inception the company has changed course the death of Bernard Forestier. At the request of Helene Gilles Forestier Dalliere became the artistic director and expresses its willingness to make each room, "one object". An evolution that plays the card of luxury and nature in greater sobriety. Forms are becoming more sophisticated and bet on the light and color without losing the inimitable stamp of craftsmanship.

2012 - ...
Helene Forest passes the baton to Jean Dominique Leze, to whom we owe the already "107 Rivoli" for Arts Decoratifs and the company ENO (New Edition Objects) with François Bernard. A build it - with Gilles Dalliere remains at his side, the new field of expression of the house for years to come. His challenge? Build the future without denying the past. Strengthen the identity and brand power by marking his territory singular, designing new ways.

Beyond a role assumes publishing house, Forestier reinvented in creative and poetic brand with design, nature and raw materials in the anchor points. A brand that privileged function and the interest of consumers in a responsible gait.

"A design object is an object just above all, beautiful, useful, quality of which responds to a function. The invoice should be simple to make better use shape, matter aspect, technological or artisanal know-how. "Explains Jean Dominique Leze.
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