Frandsen Group
Frandsen Group

Frandsen Group

Manufacturers from Egeskovvej 29 , Horsens, Denmark
Frandsen Lighting A/S has been designing, producing and marketing lamps since 1968. This means that we now have extensive knowledge and expertise within all stages of production.

We have a clear vision which forms the basis of our entire product range and all our customer relations:

"Frandsen Lighting A/S develops and sells design products within lighting for people who consider taste more important than price". It is important for us to design lamps in beautiful materials, and to make sure that our products are signalling quality and taste.

All our lamps will, each in their own way, contribute to creating the setting for a home, and it is important for us that our customers can add their own personal touch to many of the products. This can be done example by choosing colours for the lamp shades, etc.

At Frandsen Lighting A/S we are focussing on design and product development. In the old days, we would make minor changes to our range once a year. Today, however, the product range is changed continually. Twice a year we issue new catalogues and revise our range of both lamps and shades.

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