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FritsJurgens pivot door systems

A pivot door is a frameless door that rotates around an imaginary axis. Previously a pivot door could be fitted only by using a device in the floor. Thanks to the innovative FritsJurgens pivot door hinge that is now a thing of the past and pivot doors can be used simply in both new and existing situations.
The FritsJurgens pivot door hinge makes it possible to have a frameless door and ensures a smooth, pure wall appearance. The frameless doors require no frames, slats, door cranks, spring latches, end plates or stops. This gives a minimalist architectural appearance in both the open and the closed position with few disruptive lines. Moreover, the FritsJurgens mechanism permits large, heavy doors with a free direction of rotation, which increases the architect’s design freedom.
The FritsJurgens pivot door system stands out as all the technology is in the door. This makes the interface with the floor subtle and stylish.

As a floor box – needed in the case of a traditional pivot door – requires a recess in the structural shell of the floor, this requires attention and coordination between several parties at an early stage of the construction. The precision of the dimensions of the recess is often in contrast with the scale of the processes of the structural shell work. The recess for the floor box then requires attention at every stage of the construction process in order to avoid damage.

The FritsJurgens pivot door hinge is completely contained in the door. It is this that distinguishes the FritsJurgens pivot door system from traditional pivot doors.