Manufacturers from Rue de Tournai 2, Callenelle, Belgium
Saluc company located in Callenelle is the south of Belgium is the world leader in production and marketing of the high quality billard balls under the world famous brand name ARAMITH®.
Saluc company is well known for its creativity, flexibility, technical know how, quality management and has developped one value : the Know how to Entertain.

it was time for a new table concept : a dining table and a pool table, all in one but in a modern sleek design and no more this classic or rustic heavy looking wooden table we usually find in the pool table stores.
Our target was inspired by one baseline : « Let’s design a table my wife will accept in her living room».
The Fusion table is the result of several months of trends watching, brain storming, new technology developments and prototype testing.
A whole designers and engineers team at Saluc decided to make this dream a reality at an affordable price level.
They followed the vision of a table with nice proportions getting horizontality, elegance and lightness but they also bring many technological innovations to solve some problems.
They chose modern design lines and new components like metal steel but also warm and noble components like wood an natural stone inviting to luxury sensations.
From this table concept they are now developping a full modern and multifunctional furniture range and even a led lighting system.
Enjoy the Fusiontables collection!