Gerriets GmbH
Gerriets GmbH

Gerriets GmbH

Manufacturers from Im Kirchenhuerstle 5-7, Umkirch, Germany
70 years on stage!

Gerriets is an expanding company with subsidiaries and distributors in 19 countries. Since its founding in 1946, Gerriets has developed into a specialist for stage and event needs. The product portfolio has been continuously expanded and developed for the needs of its customers.

It covers all areas: in-house manufacturing of curtains, sheets and scenes, supply of inventory items in excess widths, horizon fabrics, decorative fabrics, stage velvets, effect materials, stage equipment such as train and rail systems as well as regular new product developments.

The Gerriets product line spans three broad categories: textiles, projection screens, and technical systems.
Our textiles include traditional theatrical fabrics as well as acoustical drapery, special effects fabrics, and portable dance floor surfaces.
Gerriets manufactures a comprehensive range of front, rear, and front-and-rear projection screens, portable frame systems, and roller screen systems.
Technical systems by Gerriets include modular track systems for moving curtains and scenery, Stratus vertical-lift curtain systems, acoustic roller banners, Kabuki curtain-drop systems, and stage platform components.