GLR arquitectos
Javier Callejas Sevilla
GLR arquitectos

GLR arquitectos

Architects from Independencia 223, Col. Centro San Pedro G.G. NL,, Centro San Pedro G.G. NL,, Mexico
The challenges of universal contemporary culture are characterized by the need for refinement in architectural design, emphasizing the creation of highly functional spaces with character and with great respect for the environment.

We are concerned about our environment, saving energy and implementing new sustainable design alternatives, more allaáde any type of certification. constantly we conduct studies of sunlight and energy efficiency, always advising us with the best consultants in sustainability.

This responsible with the context, particularly with the powerful natural landscape that surrounds the city of Monterrey, attitude requires us to find a great harmony with it, always using it as a driving force of the architectural concept.

The creation of pure volumes, from major industrial materials that have always been synonymous with our city, such as steel, concrete and glass, contrasted with the simplicity in the use of natural materials and always looking for a dialogue with our imposing mountains, it is the design premise that governs the character of our firm.

Constant research, continuous formal and functional exploration and continuous questioning of each process in the projects we develop, are the fundamentals that have marked the history of GLR Architects.