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GOSIMAT, created in 1994, is a company specialised in the fabrication and commercialisation of pocket frames and systems for sliding doors and aluminium profiles, offering also a wide range of wooden and glass doors, hardware, flooring and other interior and exterior construction and decoration products and materials.

The origin of GOSIMAT is intrinsically linked to the innovative spirit of its founder, being the pioneer in import and trade exotic flooring through its own brand NOVOPISO. Responding to needs of its customers, GOSIMAT has extended the range of products with the commercialisation of panelling, aluminium profiles, wardrobe’s accessories and profiles and other similar products under the NOVOPERFIL brand.

In 1997, GOSIMAT introduces in Portugal the concept of interior space with embed pocket frames and systems for sliding doors. In 2005, the company launches OPENSPACE, a brand specialised in the development, production and commercialisation of systems and frames for sliding doors.

In 2010, due to the company growth, GOSIMAT increases its facilities with a new headquarters and showroom building. The year 2012 also market an important stage in the evolution of GOSIMAT with the opening of the Brazilian branch – GOSIMAT BRASIL.

Over nearly 20 years of experience, GOSIMAT has been focusing on the internationalization of OPENSPACE, participating in several international fairs in the sector and already present in France, Spain, Tunisia, Cyprus, Angola, Cape Verde, Luxembourg, England, among others.
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