Graal, founded by Carlo Grispello and Nadine Lebeau, is dedicated to architecture and urban strategies. The firm strives to enhance the qualities of uses, ways of dwelling and project materiality. The firm’s projects are developed through an analytical and sensitive approach to give a real place to the role of territorial investigation, the public dimension and the economics of project throughout the design phases. Graal aspires to render the specific features of a site and a project commission through a sober, independent and contemporary language. Through an attitude coherent with the context and an investigation on the relational space, the projects carry a positive social and environmental impact. Graal is committed to dealing with every scale, from interior design to the urban scale project. The office’s practice encompasses France and abroad in close collaboration with multidisciplinary consultants in order to guarantee intelligent and feasible projects. graal has been distinguished on several occasions. In 2016, the office was prizewinner of the ADC Awards and received the Europe 40 under 40 award attributed by the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Urban Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies.
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