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Manufacturers from abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates
GREYS L.L.C is a leading building material design company in UAE.
We are based in Abu dhabi.
In the time that we execute al interior finishing items,GREYS officially represents the following top ranked companies in our field of expertise:
-Our partnership with DURLUM Germany helped providing the market with revolutionary ceiling concept.
in addition to traditional metal tile ceiling,Durlum introduced high-tec ceiling systems,blending the lighting effects within the top surface of glass,metal,stretched material,even wooden ceiling providing the power of mood control as per design we also offer the latest designs and technologies in carpet manufacturing as well as ecological friendly and recycled carpet from ANKER carpet Germany.
-FEBAL-PRODOMO is one of the leading italian company in kitchen manufacturing,and known for the wide range of kitchens designs

GREYS L.L.C believes that high finishing standards became major part of the design,accordingly we prepared our team to provide enhancements with our vision to modern designs.
our team consists of qualified architects/engineers and skilled labors as we insisted on offering clients and end users,the latest efficient solutions being functional and economic in the same time
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