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GIESSE is a leading and major group in Europe in the production of hardware and mechanisms for aluminium windows.

GIESSE started in 1965 near Bologna with a brilliant idea by Lorenzo Lambertini, who believed in aluminium and its infinite possibilities.
This idea quickly became a corporate vision, which made GIESSE into a benchmark brand. We soon become one of the greatest experts worldwide in the aluminium windows sector, manufacturing a series of products that are a reference standard for the entire market.
From a small workshop making hardware for aluminium windows, GIESSE has in its 47 years of activity become an established international holding company and a leader in its sector.We have continued to grow steadily and currently has 534 employees, a range of more than 8,000 products and more than 100 registered patents.

GIESSE’s main objective is to live up to our professional standards and apply our fundamental values of Quality, Innovation and Design. As world leader in the sector of components for aluminium windows, the GIESSE Group produces a vast range of hardware, mechanisms and devices such as hinges, handles, cremones, jointing systems, bolts, hardware for sliding fasteners as well as mechanisms for tilt-and-turn windows and special openings.

The selection and success of the aluminium window is based on six good reasons: beauty, low temperature resistance, durability, environmental compatibility, security and attention to every aspect of design.

GIESSE is represented in many countries all around the world with sites in Italy,China Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Russia, France, Brazil, Argentina, India, America, UAE etc.
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