Hangar Design Group
Hangar Design Group

Hangar Design Group

Manufacturers from -, Via Terraglio 89/b, Italy
Hangar Design Group is a multidisciplinary firm, atypical and completely original operating in Italy with offices in Treviso and Milan, and abroad in New York and in Shanghai, and since April 2009 in Barcelona.
This creative network is directed by the architects Alberto Bovo e Sandro Manente and groups together under one name different departments that deal with media communication, graphic design, web, retail and interior design.
Hangar Design Group can be defined as a true laboratory with a strong calling for creative design, a shared passion for the project at a multi-disciplinary level, always attentive to innovation.
Their creations have an international style interpreting everyday objects in a new living concept: during the last years they designed interior decoration objects, offices desks, product shape and packaging, lighting systems, urban design products and innovative projects for mobile living units.
A non-stop activity aiming to give voice to the current trends in design as a response to the need of seduction and functionality in lifestyle.
Pureness and neatness are the leitmotif of their approach, in the attempt to rewrite formal contemporary languages with an original and recognizable style.

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